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Tuesday, 01.08.2023
August with Slovenian Pagans

Welcome to Slovenia and let’s embark on an amazing journey of discovering the secrets of Slovenian Pagans, i.e. Native Faith practitioners«, dear Green Heart Warrior.

Throughout August, we are going to learn more about them thanks to the efforts of Pavel Medvešček. As a writer, publicist, graphic artist, and painter, he has been researching the way of life of our ancestors ever since 1951. Although he collected this information in the previous century, he was not allowed to publish his book until 2007 due to an oath he made.

With his book From the Invisible Side of the Sky, he revealed to the world something completely new and at the same time something old and sacred. “It’s not a religion, it’s something that is specifically our own,” say the Native Faith practitioners, “It’s a lifestyle. And it doesn’t have a special name, because a name is not needed. We know exactly what this faith is.”

Exciting right? It’s going to be a month full of surprises, so please stay tuned.

Wednesday, 02.08.2023
About the Slovenian Nature Worshipers

With the Slovenian Indigenous people, the Nature Worshipers, the individual doesn’t depend on rules, so everyone can be free. Loyalty to one’s faith – to their belief system, to one’s homeland, and to tradition, this is what defines this community.

The Native Faith is fundamental and eternal, like nature. It is in constant flux and can therefore survive. The belief is woven into the everyday life of both the family and the individual. For them, nature is one body, and man is only a part of this body. Nature has one language that everyone understands. The worshipping of nature, thanksgiving, and talking to Zduhec – the Spirit, and Nikrmana – the Creator, are the basis of honoring a life that is in harmony with nature. It is about understanding a world in which man is not the crown of creation.

On one hand, man has the right to live in this world, but on the other hand, man also has the responsibility to maintain and take care of the natural order and balance.

Thursday, 03.08.2023
On Nikrmana, the Creator of ALL

Nikrmana – the Primary Force or the Creator, was the first and only force to exist, according to Slovenian Pagan beliefs. Only after Nikrmana did the Moon appear in the dark sky. And it wasn’t until the Moon had set that the Sun came out to illuminate the Earth. In a rock crevice, a sleeping seed awoke, germinated, and grew into a giant tree, which grew slowly. But eventually – over thousands of years – it covered the entire Earth. However, this giant tree withered in an instant, and storms and lightning slowly toppled it to the ground, where it rotted and turned into fertile soil. Plants multiplied, followed by animals. This made the world more beautiful and richer.

Nikrmana realized that the right moment had come, so she sent the first man and woman to Earth and ordered them to populate it with their descendants.

Friday, 04.08.2023
On Tročan: The Law of Trinity

Slovenian Pagans believe in a trinity connecting three things. Tročan is a virtual connection of the three points in a triangle. Within this field, there exist beneficial forces that protect people, crops, and livestock. The Earthly trinity is made up of water, fire, and earth. The Heavenly trinity comprises the Sun, the Moon, and the star Nimra (the North Star).


Meanwhile, the trinity inside of us, people, is manifested in the communication between three people. The fact is that people can’t live without each other but, most importantly, being in touch with our true selves helps us become in touch with other people. The real power of the individual emerges through direct contact with two other people.

Saturday, 05.08.2023
Self-reflection Saturday with the keyword of the month: Loyalty

Slovenian Pagan thought of the day:

“Think in a way as you feel and believe, and not in a way people, who are not ours, feel and believe. Meaning: the people who are not of the same belief should not be preaching to you.”


  • May we invite you to take a moment and reflect on that thought?









Source: Slovenia.info

Author:  Aleš Fevžer

Sunday, 06.08.2023
Self-reflection Sunday with the keyword of the month: Loyalty

Slovenian Pagan thought of the day:

“When you wake up, say to yourself, ˈI want a lotˈ.”


  • May we invite you to take a moment and reflect on that thought?




Monday, 07.08.2023
On the Circle of Life

When you lie down to rest at night, you are alone. When you wake up at night to watch the Moon and stars, you are alone. When you get up, you are alone again. You can look at it this way: you are just a part of nature, all the time and wherever you are. This point of view leads to an understandable attachment to tradition, it provides us with meaning and ennobles our spirit. This is how our ancestors become even closer to us, why they are constantly in our thoughts. We also relive the present through them.

Tuesday, 08.08.2023
On Relationships

There are two words that are the foundation for a healthy relationship between a man and a woman, namely llh: loyalty, love, honesty, and gp: goodness, pride. These words are the most important in the relationship between a boy/man and a girl/woman. To some extent, honesty and loyalty can replace love. In every relationship dynamic, there is a partner who is more dominant and another who is more submissive. However, even the submissive partner needs a sense of autonomy, pride, and self-respect. Without it, the relationship dynamic can become unhealthy and turn into one partner humiliating the other.

But first, every relationship should be approached by examining one’s relationship with one’s inner self. Dare to explore this abyss inside you. Look at all the stuff that has accumulated over the years. Analyze it. From the very beginning, from the first day of your becoming aware, you should be exploring your inner world and discovering how your personal trinity – you with your mother and father – was created. If this trinity is stable, then your life is stable, and vice versa.

Wednesday, 09.08.2023
On Relationships

Consider this: every animal in the barn is different. The sooner you get to know them, the faster you will be able to respond to their needs. You cannot change them by force, but you can adapt to them. The same applies to people. When asked, be honest with your opinions, but keep it respectful. It is important that the person doesn’t get upset or offended after you speak your truth, as this could trigger unforeseen reactions. Treating everyone the same will help you get along well with everyone. Consider this analogy: even in nature unforeseen disturbances occur every now and then, and we accept them. For instance, when out of the blue, a black cloud darkens the clear sky and an unexpected downpour washes over the earth, we accept it. Right, dear Green Heart Warriors?

Thursday, 10.08.2023
On Relationships

If you happen to end up in a fight with someone, don’t use accusing words such as “you are the one who is in the wrong”, “it’s your fault”, or “there will be consequences”. However, if you do use these words, once things cool down, be the bigger person and admit that they were spoken thoughtlessly and in anger. The end goal should be to resolve any disputes, after all, we do need our neighbors, friends, and family. The simple truth is that no man is an island, and we cannot live isolated from everyone else. However, if we choose a life like this, in loneliness, we should not expect to be happy. What we can expect is to feel empty. An unhappy person can eventually become mean and accuse others of pushing them into isolation.

Friday, 11.08.2023
Live Interview with Daša Medvešček

Join us, dear Green Heart Warrior, for our interview with Daša Medvešček, the granddaughter of Pavel Medvešček, and the editor of all his books conveying enlightening insights which he gleaned from Slovenian Nature Worshipers. We had an interesting conversation in the magical fairy room of the library in Nova Gorica.


With Love from Slovenia.

Yours, Sasa.

Saturday, 12.08.2023
Self-reflection Saturday with the keyword of the month: Loyalty

Slovenian Pagan thought of the day:

“Not for one grain, you have to stretch even for a raindrop.”


  • May we invite you to take a moment and reflect on that thought?











Source: Slovenia.info

Author: Jošt Gantar

Sunday, 13.08.2023
Self-reflection Sunday with the keyword of the month: Loyalty

Slovenian Pagan thought of the day:

“It is not enough to merely confess your sins. At the very least, you should apologize to the person whom you harmed. But it would also be right to repay them for the damage you caused. A dirty soul must be washed.”


  • May we invite you to take a moment and reflect on that thought?
Monday, 14.08.2023
On Gratitude

For Slovenian Pagans the Sun is important, but the Moon is even more so. They hold summer and winter bonfires that are dedicated to the sun, i.e., their solar deity. The rays of the winter sun are surely a solar deity. Honor the Sun and be grateful for it rising again and again and giving you light and warmth. Respect life and all natural phenomena. In nature, we are all equal and dependent on each other. Therefore, we should only change nature to such an extent that doesn’t put others in danger. This is also the main teaching of Nikrmana who never set foot on earth precisely because of this.





Source: Slovenia.info

Author:  Slovenska Turistična Agencija

Tuesday, 15.08.2023
On Our Roots

One’s destiny is guided only by stars, each day anew. Everyone has their own star. There’s an invisible thread running from the star to a person, which is created immediately at birth and is broken by Zduhec – the Spirit at death. It is because of that thread that we are attached to our birthplace and home. Wherever we go, that thread pulls us back into our nest. But if the thread was somehow broken, our life abroad becomes sad and depressing. In fact, you can also get sick or have bad things happen to you. Our past lives are written on our faces, in the lines of our hands, lips, and eyes.

Wednesday, 16.08.2023
On Nikrmana: as Above so Below

Vrhin, a tall tree with a small crown that touches the sky connects the earth through its roots and crown with the sky, and thus also with Nikrmana. Whoever sought to establish this sacred bond, had to first reach this tree, turn to the east, and embrace the tree. Then, they had to speak to Nikrmana either aloud or in their mind. After the conversation was over, they looked up at the crown, and thanked Nikrmana for the attention and time she had given. Finally, the person had to circle the tree three times.

Thursday, 17.08.2023
On Sacred Sites

When your thoughts connect deeply to the forest, it becomes a kind of sanctuary. Your attention is focused on observing and listening to what is happening there. Even the sun rays and the wind play their role, just as various familiar and unfamiliar sounds, and voices. You can get important messages from all kinds of animals that you meet there. Some voices are different and unusual as if they were sent from some place higher and meant to be there only for you. The places where voices are heard become your holy places. There, you get insights that can help you make your everyday easier. The forest is your natural state – it’s like being safely tucked inside a womb, with a blizzard going on outside.

Friday, 18.08.2023
On the Circle of Life

Everything flows in the natural cycle of living beings – beginning with birth and ending with death. This cycle then repeats itself, but every being is reborn in another form. This is an eternal pattern. The choice of what form people will take to come back into the world is made just before they die. Those who died suddenly will come back in the form they most desired.








Source: Slovenia.info

Author: Foto Video Coppo di Marco Coppo


Saturday, 19.08.2023
Self-reflection Saturday with the keyword of the month: Loyalty

Slovenian Pagan thought of the day:

“Nature must be worshiped and respected as the most important carrier of all life on Earth. In our faith system, cathedrals don’t come in the shape of buildings, we use natural spaces and objects as places of worship. For example, a sacred tree – an ancient oak or centennial beech – that has survived for who knows how many generations holds great power because of its long life. This tree can be the bridge between the world beyond and this world. Native Faith practitioners can go to this tree, hug it, sit on its roots, even fall asleep under its canopy to harness some of its ancient power.”

  • May we invite you to take a moment and reflect on that thought?


Source: Slovenia.info

Author : Christine Sonvilla


Sunday, 20.08.2023
Self-reflection Sunday with the keyword of the month: Loyalty

Slovenian Pagan thought of the day:

“By practicing the Native Faith and by respecting nature as the central element of human existence, we could continue to lead better lives and nurture a peaceful existence. Just like in the past. Natural laws know no hatred and envy.”


  • May we invite you to take a moment and reflect on that thought   







Source: Slovenia.info

Author : Tomo Jeseničnik

Monday, 21.08.2023
On Inner Wisdom

A gaze holds the power to direct energy in the direction where a person is looking at. Most often, eyes will seek out eyes. There are eyes of all types of species surrounding us, constantly looking at us, observing us. More during the day than at night, but we are never alone. Eyes are also in places where we don’t even consider them!

But all these contemplations are the energy of the moment. It is unrepeatable and unpreserved. Everything our ancestors saw and observed was different from what we see and observe today, even though we’re looking at the exact same thing. That’s why it’s so important to honor each moment in time.


Tuesday, 22.08.2023
On Self-Esteem

When you talk to people, always look them straight in the eye. This is especially important when you’re dealing with a person you don’t see eye to eye with. The eyes communicate the state a person is in. Therefore, the eyes can either make or break a conversation.

Wednesday, 23.08.2023
On the Circle of Life

Man is like a caterpillar that has to eat a lot when it is young in order to grow. In old age, however, a period begins when the body prepares to rest. Various health issues start showing up, until, finally, our butterfly (Zduhec – the spirit) can fly out into its new life.

Life is a wheel that never stops turning. The cycle of eternal life goes on and on.

Native Faith practitioners do not idolize the mortal remains of a person. What was alive in the body is gone with the last dying breath. There is only flesh in the grave, which, like everything else in nature, will eventually decompose. What matters are the memories that we, the living, carry on with us, the conversations we had with the person, the places we visited together, our shared experiences, and all the nice things that make us look back with utmost fondness.


Source: Slovenia.Info

Author: Borut Lozej

Thursday, 24.08.2023
On Spirit

The dehnar is an ancient spiritual guide, acting as the representative and leader of the Native Faith community. They assumed the role of confidant, promoter, and arbiter of all that pertained to the Native Faith. In all other things, the dehnar was like the rest of the community. This role could go to an unmarried uncle or someone who had their own family and farm. The first dehnar was not elected but appointed to this position. He was also a seer valued by the community, a masterful healer, healing with his hands. They could see into people’s souls and had some sort of “supernatural” power.

The Slovenian Pagans believed that every being has its own spirit. When the body dies, Zduhec – the spirit, is expelled from it and goes temporarily to the world beyond. It’s possible to establish contact with Zduhec through thoughts, strong desires, or dreams, but only with people we have known. Contact can also be made with distant ancestors with the help of a dehnar or vidon – the seer, both of whom had been trained for this and have been given the ability to see the past and the future at birth.

One fundamental belief was that birds should not be hunted for food or kept in cages. Even a domesticated bird must live in the wild. This is because the spirit of a Native Faith member could live on in any bird.


Photo: Pavel Medvešček 

Friday, 25.08.2023
Live Interview with Jože Munih

Join us, dear Green Heart Warrior, for our interview with Jože Munih, an engineer, researcher of water springs and ancient sanctuaries, a geomancer, and a dowser, that took place in Tolmin, Slovenia.


For many years, Jože has been researching natural resources – healing springs and energy points. He visited around 3-4,000 springs both in Slovenia and abroad. We joined him for a discovery walk around the sacred sites of Slovenian Pagans in Western Slovenia.



With Love from Slovenia.

Yours, Sasa.

Saturday, 26.08.2023
Self-reflection Saturday with the keyword of the month: Loyalty

Slovenian Pagan thought of the day:

“A person can only feel good if they consume just the right amount of food that their body needs, and only foods that had been grown in their local area. This is the food that their body is best adapted to. The best food is the simplest one. This is how our ancestors used to eat.”

  • May we invite you to take a moment and reflect on that thought?







Photo source: Slovenia.info

Sunday, 27.08.2023
Self-reflection Sunday with the keyword of the month: Loyalty

Slovenian Pagan thought of the day:

“We explain things to children so that they can follow along and understand, slowly and patiently. It’s not until they grow up a little that we expand on certain questions and go into detail regarding concepts they are interested in. This entire process is much like the cultivation of trees.

In the end, much to our delight, the fruit will ripen.”

  • May we invite you to take a moment and reflect on that thought?







Photo source: Slovenia.Info

Author: CJ STUDIO d.o.o., photo Ciril Jazbec 

Monday, 28.08.2023
On Light and Shadow

The Dehnar could see many things in the moving shadowy forms and possessed the knowledge to interpret them. These forms were taken as a message from the forest spirit. However, a sharp eye was needed for this task – the third eye.

A person must continuously nurture the desire to see and understand such things. It is a dream world, a world of unreal forms and matter. They are immaterial, similar to what happens to us when we see the apparition of Nikrmana in the sky. Perhaps it is the Great Mother, illuminated by the Sun and the Moon.

We see that shadow in a wide variety of forms. Understanding and accepting this phenomenon comes with age. Just listen with an open heart and mind to those who have already achieved this level of awareness. But resist the evil shadows. You can recognize these by the fact that they do not cast their own shadow but reflect the shadows of others.


Tuesday, 29.08.2023
On Inner Peace

Meadows are either natural carpets or a source of fodder for livestock, that’s how we see these green surfaces. However, do we ever take the time to lay down on our bellies and watch them up close, spot a butterfly, bumblebee, or bee dangling on a flower? Take in all the lovely smells and fragrances? Do we even notice the variety of medicinal and poisonous herbs growing in our meadows?


After a while, when we get tired of observing these “silly little things”, we can simply plop on our backs and listen to the other sounds and noises coming from all directions.

Now, we can gaze at the blue sky and clouds, soaking up the cerulean vastness, in which, if we are lucky, we will see Nikrmana appear. It’s the perfect moment to daydream about her.

Wednesday, 30.08.2023
On Bonds with Others

When going for a visit, it was customary to take a special type of stone, the žilnik, with you. This was a small stone with veins that resemble ligaments. These lines represented the bonds between people. When they went to visit someone, they took a žilnik stone with them. It can be the size of a coin or bigger. After entering the house, they first greeted everyone present and placed the stone on the inner sill of the window. This was a material confirmation of the bond between like-minded families or individuals and a type of greeting to strengthen the ties between families.

However, the Native Faith practitioners believed, when the Moon is too far from Earth, the stone’s binding power weakens, and these bonds are no longer possible.





Photo source: Daša Medvešček