Even small actions can make a big impact

I read this at the Expo Opportunity District today:

“Even small actions can make a big impact”
You are one in 8 billion. And while it may seem that the actions of one person can’t change the world, it’s time to think again. Be an agent of change and build a better future for everyone.”

Opportunity District in Expo 2020 also invites you to witness how our lives and actions are interconnected. To meet the people worldwide who are transforming dreams and aspirations into the realities of tomorrow, and be empowered to shape the future by unlocking the potential within yourself. To interact and exchange ideas with others, connect with change makers and discover something new.

Just yesterday before starting my presentation on the pavilion I had an opportunity to meet my Slovenian colleague after 7 years. Last time we met, his small actions completely changed my future. He was part of organisation IAESTE and they helped me arrange an internship in UAE for one month, which turned into more than 6 years of living and working in UAE

Even if you are not in the United Arab Emirates you can discover each pavilion on Virtual Expo https://virtualexpodubai.com by clicking on it on the map you can explore it in 360 view.