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Wednesday, 01.02.2023
Ancient Wisdom for the Wellbeing of Modern Man:
WELCOME to Wisdom February with the Balinese people from the Island of Bali in INDONESIA!
Thursday, 02.02.2023
On Life Balance
In today’s fast-paced modern life, we often don’t have time to pause and let the mind and body rest, therefore we often see people being overwhelmed and even burn out.

This is in contrast to the life of the native Balinese, who live in rural Bali where everything is slow and intuitive, and their well-being can be seen from their happy smiles when a stranger greets them. Their slow and intuitive life allows the Balinese people to live happily – just like human beings were supposed to be living.

The word Adeng-Adeng, which means slowly, is often used in Balinese daily life to emphasize that nothing needs to be rushed. If we need more time, no problem, take more time. Cause wherever you are, you are already perfect and whole – just as YOU ARE.
Friday, 03.02.2023
On Life Balance
In Bali, there is a philosophy called Tri Hita Karana which means 3 seeds of happiness. The Balinese ancestors believed that if Humans can maintain and have a harmonious relationship with Nature, their fellow humans, and God, they will live a happy life.

Today we are witnessing how modern people are locking themselves inside buildings, away from the sunlight, and unaligned with who they truly are.

The Ancestors said: ‘When we are connected to nature, we breathe oxygen, which is good for the body; when we are connected to other humans in our community, life becomes colorful; and when we are connected to God within ourselves, we can become our own leaders and powerful in everyday life.’
Saturday, 04.02.2023
Self-reflection Saturday with the keyword of the month: Respect
Slow and intuitive living allows Balinese people to live happily, just like human beings were supposed to be living.

– Do you take time to slow down and pause during the day to let your mind and body rest?

– How do you find your life balance?
Sunday, 05.02.2023
Self-reflection Sunday with the keyword of the month: Respect
– What is the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the word Respect?

– Please reflect on what you respect and what is sacred to you?
Monday, 06.02.2023
Nak Mule Keto (it is what it is) is another piece of ancient Balinese wisdom that is still often used among the Balinese people. In this fast-paced era, there are many demands on modern humans to be perfect. But the truth is that the majority of us living in this so-called modern society, forget that we are already whole, complete, and perfect as we are. As You are, dear Green Heart Warrior.

It seems that the elders of the Globe shared the same truth: because we can connect today’s Balinese wisdom to one of the Essentials of Aboriginal sacred healing, namely Acceptance, which we discussed back in January. We will be talking about it more this week, so please stay tuned.
Tuesday, 07.02.2023
Sing Engken (it’s ok) is a sentence a lot of people need right now. Often in Bali when children make mistakes the mother will say “Sing Engken”.

Sometimes to be accepted we need to meet a certain standard, and on occasion, we will make mistakes that are unacceptable to some. But if we never try, we will never know, so it’s ok to make mistakes, it’s ok to be you, it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to be alone, it’s ok to be in a community, and it’s ok to be not ok.

Everything is perfect as it is.
Wednesday, 08.02.2023
Gratitude is the next word that is very popular in Balinese daily life. Balinese people usually say “Aget” which means grateful. Even if something bad happens to them, they still say “Aget”.

Gratitude is a word that we often forget nowadays. We lead comfortable lives in clean and warm homes, we have food on the table, and all our basic needs are met. And yet, we still want more and postpone our happiness by chasing our desires that are, as it looks like, never coming.

Happiness can only be found in the ‘right now and right here’. As the elders say, you do not need to chase it out there. It’s simply hidden in gratitude.
Thursday, 09.02.2023
MEYADNYA(ritual/ceremony) is an Ancient Balinese form of gratitude that is expressed in a ceremony in which offerings such as flowers and fruit are made to the Universe, the Ancestors, and the Spirit of the Earth.

Today, in our modern life, we often forget to give back to nature and Earth; meanwhile Earth never ‘forgets’ to provide for us: we receive an abundance of oxygen, sunlight, and water, covering our basic survival needs.

By giving back to our beautiful Planet we will experience a sense of happiness and gratitude for this abundance so that this abundant energy will bring more good things back into our lives. Nowadays this concept is known as the law of attraction, and gratitude is the foundation for attracting more good into our lives.
Friday, 10.02.2023
Live interview
with Luh Manish

Balinese Priestess, Yoga teacher & CEO of Pranasanti Indigenous Bali Experience travels
Saturday, 11.02.2023
Self-reflection Saturday with the keyword of the month: Respect
– How do you practice gratitude?

– Have you ever used or considered starting a gratitude journal for putting down three good things that had happened to you during the day before bedtime?
Sunday, 12.02.2023
Self-reflection Sunday with the keyword of the month: Respect
– Acceptance also means non-judgment, i.e., how to resist not forcing your truth and beliefs onto others., and accepting people as they are in your everyday life?
Monday, 13.02.2023
Eling Ring Urip tells us about soul awareness, awareness of life through remembering the soul (our soul). Sometimes we wonder about our purpose in life, and what we are supposed to be doing. Remembering the noble values of birth by being connected within, clearing the thoughts, and hearing our inner voice is the way we know the journey of the soul.

When we remember who we truly are and are aware of our true selves we will be guided to find our life purpose and our calling to serve society and the community through our passion. Sadly, in this modern life, people tend to forget who they really are and are busy chasing things outside themselves instead of doing the inner work to remember their true essence.

We are socially conditioned to prioritize pleasing other people, shutting down our inner voice, hoping to be accepted, but instead, we end up anxiety-ridden and depressed.
Tuesday, 14.02.2023
Mulat sarira (self-reflection) is a concept of living that makes every action and goal also the answer to all our problems by seeking answers within ourselves, growing continuously, and improving by finding wisdom in thoughts, actions, and words internally, within us.

Considering today’s modern lifestyle, we really need to go back to living a more meaningful life, being more patient, and aware of our actions and deeds, reducing judgment on the things outside of ourselves and beyond our control or reach.
Wednesday, 15.02.2023
Ngayah denotes a life of perpetuate service. Service to the community, to God, and the Universe. Ngayah is also known as work that is done selflessly without the expectation of material results, with peace of mind and altruism.

Remembering and applying the concept of Ngayah in our modern life would surely improve our well-being. However, the reality is that too many people focus on chasing profit for their own benefit instead of giving back to the community. But, gambling with morality by making a profit at the expense of other people’s suffering leaves such people empty in the end.

So instead of holistically addressing sustainability by focusing on people, planet, profit, the majority still holds on to the profit, profit, profit mantra. Where can we start to change that?

By remembering and embracing things we enjoy doing, i.e., our hobbies, the things that can restore a positive, loving relationship with ourselves, focusing more on the social impact of our deeds, as well as Yadnya (devoting) our time to services that result in real happiness in this beautiful world.
Thursday, 16.02.2023
Kepingit is the concept of making space to be alone in solitude. In order to maintain our life balance, we should allow ourselves to get away and take a break from the daily rut and just pause for a moment.

Imagine getting away from the noise of this world, so that you can be in dialogue with yourself without having to think about other people’s judgments and the activity around you. By making peace with ourselves in solitude we can cut down on the drama and dependency on other people’s judgments, and enter the inner purification process, supporting our personal well-being.
Friday, 17.02.2023
Depang Anake Ngadanin – meaning one should always be humble in this life. It also points to a misunderstanding of the cultural values which influence attitudes and insights into the decision-making process.

Social media for example is a new way of socializing. We see so many people trying to impress their followers or friends by creating a fake image of themselves. When we go too deep into creating an image on social media, we don’t realize that we might slowly lose our true selves. Just let people perceive you the way they want, you can’t control their opinion anyways.

All you can do is be true and honest with yourself, be happy, and be the real you. Nothing else you need to do, just simply allow yourself to BE.
Saturday, 18.02.2023
Self-reflection Saturday with the keyword of the month: Respect
– What’s one small thing that you could do for a random stranger today without expecting anything in return to help make the world a better place?
Sunday, 19.02.2023
Self-reflection Sunday with the keyword of the month: Respect
– On weekends we are practicing self-reflection. But what does that word, Balinese people call it Mulat sarira, really mean? How do you understand the process and need for self-reflection on a daily basis?
Monday, 20.02.2023
Being Enough
Metilesan Rage can be associated with the word enough. Always giving in to our desires will ultimately have a negative impact on our mental, emotional and physical health. Knowing when to rest and be enough is a highly recommended skill to develop. Being grateful and being in the present moment is the key to embodied enough in daily life.

To conclude: Please, dear Green Heart warrior, DO acknowledge that YOU ARE ENOUGH.
Tuesday, 21.02.2023
Ngiwe-Tengen (left-right) is symbolic of dualism in Bali. We live in dualism, and we cannot deny or avoid this. There is good and bad, black and white, up and down, etc. Everything in this world exists with its own function. Here we are taught to accept everything as it is, for instance accepting our perfect self as we are. If fish are happy being fish, and plants are happy being plants, why are so many human beings are unhappy being humans?
Wednesday, 22.02.2023
Rwa Bineda – this Ancient Balinese concept is actually almost identical to Ngiwe-Tengen that we discussed yesterday, the difference being that Rwa Bineda is not just about dualism but diversity in general. Every human being on the planet has their own distinctive traits and characters, but we also have similarities such as that we live together on this Earth, breathe the same oxygen, soak up the same sunlight, etc.

But humans have this tendency to compare themselves to others and refuse to accept differences. When we, as human beings, are able to accept our differences, humanity will finally live in harmony and inclusion.
Thursday, 23.02.2023
Living Community
Menyama Braya – supporting each other within the community. Balinese life cannot be separated from community life, and members are happy to help each other during times of both joy and sorrow.
Sadly, as times change, Menyame Braya is increasingly being abandoned because modern people are busy with work and lack the time to connect with others and build a community. They’d rather live their life individually.

Sometimes people feel lonely and do not know how to socialize with others when all they really need is to connect with like-minded people to make life so much easier and happier.
Friday, 24.02.2023
Live interview
with Asri & Jernej Graj
Saturday, 25.02.2023
Self-reflection Saturday with the keyword of the month: Respect
– Listening to Asri and Jernej’s interview, do you see yourself leaving everything that doesn’t bring you joy and well-being behind, making space to follow your heart and dreams?
Sunday, 26.02.2023
Self-reflection Sunday with the keyword of the month: Respect
– Following the nuggets of Ancient Wisdom – so far from Australia and Indonesia – what similarities have you noticed?
Monday, 27.02.2023
Sing Nawang Ulu-Teben means ignorance. And it erodes today’s society like cancer. We know that smoking is bad for our health but yet so many are still doing it. We know that plastic pollution is everywhere and yet so many still use single-use plastic. We know that deforestation is bad for animals and the land, yet it still happening everywhere.

Why? Why do we refuse to internalize the facts that are in front of our eyes? So many ignore to acknowledge which actions have a negative impact and which have a positive impact. And this is dangerous both for humanity and for the planet – if we don’t change and stay on the path of self-destruction.
Tuesday, 28.02.2023
On Silent Day we are saying Goodbye and Thank you, dear Mama Bali. Tomorrow we are flying into the month of March to explore the Ancient Wisdom of India.
Nyepi (Silent Day). Every year, the Balinese people celebrate Nyepi, which is also known as the Balinese New Year. A day of doing nothing but resting, it’s perfect for self-reflection. You are not allowed to leave the house/travel, you are not allowed to light a fire, you are not allowed to work, and you are not allowed to entertain yourself with any activity. Sure, it might look boring just sitting quietly at home doing nothing. However, spending one day without vehicles, airplanes, electricity, and the internet, is a welcome detox for the environment and the people, offering a short respite from social media and busy life. With the existence of this silent day, humans are forced to take a short break and go within. Imagine if the whole world would do it, by how much could the carbon footprint be reduced for a day?

Dear Green Heart Warrior, with this last post we are saying goodbye to Bali and are flying over to India into another Ancient Wisdom Month, full of colors, dances, and deities. Thank you for being with us and please stay tuned. It’s gonna be so much fun. Love to ALL.