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Green Heart Experience / 01. – 05.2.2022

The long-awaited world’s fair EXPO 2020 Dubai is here and so are we – the co-creators of the Slovenia pavilion, which brings something different to the futuristic outlook on the world filled with artificial intelligence and robotisation, which are a common thread of the EXPO

EXPO behind the Scene

Since The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations of 1851 in London, U.K., World Expos have become some of the planet’s largest events, attracting millions of visitors.

Julija Gruden at Expo 2020 Dubai / 13. – 18.12.2021

How was EXPO 2020 created and how Slovenian pavilion was constructed? What is an individual’s role in such a large project and how can one person make a difference. A difference that starts within ourselves and applies to the environment we responsibly co-create.



Architecture, spatial planning, and construction have taken on a mission that transcends mere aesthetics and building types. Comprehensive architecture is responsible for sustainable development in a spatial, ecological, and even social sense.