Sophia Academy

The Ancient Wisdom for Corporate Wellbeing

We, Sophia’s Global team, support Corporate Leaders to consciously embrace their authenticity and uniqueness which organically results in the creation of healthier, happier and ultra productive working environments for ALL they are honoured to Lead.

“SOPHIA’S WAY: Conscious Life Executive MBA Program.”

Your Journey from mechanical existence to conscious aliveness.

Conscious aliveness starts with you BEING YOU.

At Sophia Academy, we believe you can uplift your business goals and raise employee productivity by transforming the way employees relate to themselves, as human beings first, before they become the role they hold in your organization. The next step is enhancing their relationship with their colleagues and the emotional connection to the brand they represent.

The Sophia journey is delivered in three modules, The Mind, The Body, The Soul, where every next one deepens the acquired consciousness, so participants can move expansively from learning, to application, to integrated knowing.

Each module covers three key pillars we call, Being, Doing and Living, guiding participants through an organic integration of the content introduced.

Human wellbeing & relationships before, concepts and strategies

We merge science-based modalities of Positive Psychology with an experiential approach that works from the inside out: expanding consciousness, wellbeing and connection, so that you can grow your business into the post COVID era supported by a solid base – colleagues that know their strengths and how to harness them.

The results are presented with higher productivity levels and employee engagement, loyalty and the ability to harness differences within teams through diversity and inclusion, a deeper emotional understanding of your brand’s core purpose and corporate culture.

People are most engaged and productive when they feel seen as a Human Beings not as numbers or robots and when they can personally connect with the values and purpose of the Brand they represent.